To prevent unnecessary exposure to our staff and patients, non-urgent
patients with known or suspected COVID-19 or with a fever above 100°F,
or newly onset cough or shortness of breath will be rescheduled until
after their fever and/or symptoms are no longer present. Urgent exams
will be scheduled at one of our designated care facilities.

In addition to our designated care facilities, we have actively
implemented the following clinical protocols out an abundance of

All patients, authorized visitors and staff are required to wear a nose and
mouth covering while in the facility. Exceptions will be made for individuals
unable to safely meet this requirement due to medical reasons. We have
enhanced screening protocols to isolate patients confirmed or suspected
to have contracted COVID-19. No visitors except those providing direct
patient care, no visitors under age 12 or over age 60, nobody known or
suspected to have exposure to COVID-19 or showing signs of respiratory

We will continue to monitor the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC), as well as state health departments, for additional guidance. Our
precaution measures and protocols will be updated accordingly to enable
us to safely continue to improve lives through unmistakable quality and
spectacular service.